New Host

Update: This started well for the first week, then quickly became the worst host I’ve ever had. I changed to another host like 2 months later, though didn’t post about it, and and probably won’t any time soon.

Well I decided to finally switch hosting providers. I didn’t think many people visited this site until it was down for a day. But anyway I made the switch but still working out the bugs. I will highly suggest NOT going with Powweb for anything except a small website, and even then they are too many problems. High price, downtime, bugs, etc., too many things to list. So far I am happy with this new company. They are called Fat Cow and I think I’ll stick with them for a while.

Dot the Eyes – premiere – In Crisis

This is the first illustration try I’ve done in a long long time, and it is my first attempt at some sort of comic strip with intellectual/political ideals. It will probably evolve the more I do it, and the trick is, to keep doing it. These are supposed to be blatant needing no explanation, so hopefully I won’t need anymore of these kinds of posts with any kind of paragraph accompanying it. Let’s see if I keep it up.

Soylent Greener

Coraline, Henry Selick, Genius

I don’t usually post about my comings and goings over the weekend, because well… I just don’t think them to be ‘blog worthy’.

This must be the exception. I just had the privilege of watching Coraline this weekend, and was at a loss for words. I believe it to be the most amazing, animated, visual, and creative motion picture experience in this medium I have ever seen.

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Something About Religion, Don’t Be Scared, or Offended

Categorization is a bad habit of the human race. It is how we cope with our realities. When we find things that we don’t understand they are considered “Uncategorized”, which in turn, is still a form of categorizing. Where I’m going with this is the fact that God is a categorization of something we don’t understand. The form of this categorization was formulated in ancient times, when the strongest of us lived, and the weakest of us died. God took the form of something people could understand, and the Bible written in the language of those people.

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An Anonymous Response to Barack Obama’s Response

I thought there are some real radical (which isn’t necessarily always bad) ideas here, and not just the age old, “we’re going to write a bill that is more complicated than learning the concept of the irrational and transcendent nature of PI, and then spend half our term acting like we’re trying to pass it, and the other half trying to get re-elected for another term, to do it all over again!” kinds of changes…

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